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About Scholarship

Japura Scholarship Scheme (JSS)

The Japura Scholarship Scheme is our flagship program where young undergraduates are provided with some financial assistance during their studies. Since 2011, approximately more than LKR 6,700,000.00 have been distributed to over 320 students. All these distributions were made from the bank deposit interest income while preserving the initial contribution from the donors, a unique feature of our scholarship offering. We thank all our scholarship sponsors for the trust and confidence placed on us to manage their hard-earned money. Today, we manage an investment fund of over seven million rupees. JSS is the brainchild of Japura Alumni’s first president, Jayamini Kariyawasam and many other dedicated team members have contributed over the years to make this a sustainable program.   

How JSS Works

JSS operates on three simple principles.
1. Donors make a one-time contribution to earn the right to nominate a scholarship recipient each year for the life of the scholarship scheme
2. Japura Alumni JSS committee holds their donations as a term deposit with Bank of Ceylon to earn a sufficient income to distribute to students
3. 10 monthly payments are made to selected students from the interest income of the term deposit

JSS Sponsorship Unit

Investment for a JSS unit is set at $3,350.00 for the next five years. (2021-2026). A one-time payment of AU$3,350.00 will give you the right to nominate a scholarship recipient for the life of JSS. (As long as JSS in operation)

Inflation effect on student contributions and investment income returns are taken into account in determining this value and the next review would be undertaken in early 2023. 

Student Benefits 

The amount of student payment varies from year to year according to the interest rate paid by the Bank of Ceylon. However, we have managed to maintain student benefits over the last 5 years at Rs.25,000.00 per year.

Application Process

Undergraduates of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura are eligible to apply for the scholarships. Those who get nominated will receive 10 monthly payments from March to December of the year 2022. Online applications are accepted from 15th November to 31st January 2022.