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About us


“Japura Alumni Australia Inc” is the association of alumni of University of Sri Jayewardenepura living in Melbourne/Australia. Fulfilling a long standing gap in social life of Japura graduates living in Melbourne, the association was formed by a group of founding members acting as promoters in early 2008. The inaugural AGM was held and officers to the association were formally appointed soon after. This was done during a very successful member gathering “Japura night” on 20th June 2008, which was well attended by over 250 graduates, their families and friends.

The key objectives of our association are,

  • Fostering strong relationships among the Alumni of University of Sri Jayewardenepura working and living in Australia.
  • Providing useful information regarding the University, its graduates, faculties and undergraduates to the alumni in Australia.
  • Providing assistance to under graduates currently studying at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

Since its inception, Japura has grown steadily and been very active in promoting social wellbeing of our alumni. It has become one of the most active associations functioning in Australia. Annually it organizes a range of educational, social and cultural activities that foster the knowledge, cultural values, and interaction between members, families and friends of our alumni. In addition to being an association that serves its members, it has also taken a part in various social and cultural activities that serves the wider Victorian/Australian community.

Moreover, in 2011 Japura established its Scholarship Fund, the signature project of the association, to help needy students of its parent university. Thanks to generous donations from several individuals and hard work of Japura members, this scholarship program has made a difference in many students lives back in Sri Lanka.